Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein

Have you ever wondered what is it to be alive?

Ever wondered what is the meaning of life? (Definitely, it’s not 42 otherwise, it’s as easy as multiplying 6 times 7 to get a life :p)

In fact, have you ever thought that this whole moment you are living in is nothing but a set of atoms working together! Your conscious could be summed up using just 118 elements that make you. Have you ever thought that this all concept of “being” could be totally different and that somebody somewhere could be controlling you, making you think what your thinking right now, infusing ideas and thoughts into you, making you what makes you and creating a perfect stage for your existence?

Yes, you never know and that’s what makes it more interesting and opens up the door to imagination. Or you could be exactly what you think of and maybe one day the time will come and you will die after which your thoughts, memories, the life you had, all erased from the database. But if you think of it, what exactly is dying or ageing. Is it all about your body cell getting worn out and being replaced by a set of newer cells eventually leading to a phase after which the cells wouldn’t be replaced and you grow weaker till you die?

It’s funny how all life processes and life itself could be formulated down and scientifically analysed and still unsure about its stability. You could think yourself as a specific set of atoms creating processes and reactions, generating energy and syncing together to form a bigger complex organism capable of thinking, acting and responding to specific inputs or stimulus.

To further increase the depth of thinking, one may ask the question – so is it the property of those atoms to react in that specific way which creates us and makes us think what we think? If that is true, then the man sitting beside me also has the same set of atoms working in a similar way, all connected in the same way and creating the same set of end products as my atoms do, then what is the thing which differentiates me from him, what is that one thing which makes him, him and me, me?  Puzzling, isn’t it?



The Hitchhiking Theory of Life

Life can be explained as a journey concentrating on the psychological meaning of life and defining it as a stage where actors enter, perform their part and leave the stage making space for others to play their part. The name hitchhiking because it says human beings are nothing but hitchhikers ready to board their ride. Depending on their ride and the people that welcome him, the journey they experience throughout differs. It further quantifies how a person born in different locations experiences a different life altogether and how every move or action he takes further alters the situation he lives in. It explains life in a unique way and creates astonishing similarities between life and a road journey.

Life is a journey and it’s about growing and changing and coming to terms with who and what you are and loving your travel mates and yourself 

To sum up,  we still aren’t sure what we are undergoing through. Maybe there exists something called as “Soul”  trapped in the body. Maybe life is a disease, incurable, sexually transmitted and fatal lasting for an average of 70 years. Maybe the thirteenth floor exists and it’s all a computer program.


Can you escape from what you really are?


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